AQUATAIN AMFTM is a silicone-based liquid (polydimethylsiloxane – PDMS), easy to apply on the surface of standing and stagnant water; it forms a very thin film on the water surface and covers its entire extension.

The product may be bought freely – without any registration – in Italy, the European Union and other countries.

AQUATAIN AMFTM, in fact, is not considered a biocide for the purposes of Article 3, paragraph 1, letter a) of Regulation (EU) No 528/2012 (Implementing Commission Decision (EU) 2015/655 dated 23 April 2015), as it implements a physical-mechanical action, long-lasting and effective for at least 4 weeks.

There is no possibility of developing any resistance phenomena.

How does it work?

AQUATAIN AMFTM carries out an exclusively physical-mechanical action. The application of the product is based on a very simple, but highly effective, principle for fighting mosquitoes, which is completely safe for the environment and the ecosystem and doesn’t interfere with other life-systems, whether animal or vegetable.

The fine PDMS silicone film that forms over the surface of the water after application blocks the correct development of the immature stages of the mosquitoes (larvae and pupae).

It prevents the larvae and pupae from taking in the oxygen from the atmosphere that they require to develop into adults, causing them to suffocate as a result.

In fact, the low surface tension of the silicone film prevents larvae and pupae from attaching to the water surface in order to take in the oxygen from the air necessary to survive.

Furthermore, studies have shown that the low surface tension also impacts on the egg-laying process: adult females do not lay their eggs on water which has been treated with PDMS and should the female mosquitoes come into contact with the silicone film whilst laying their eggs, they would remain trapped and die. In this way, the entire life cycle of the mosquito is interrupted.

The results of the effectiveness tests conducted on AQUATAIN AMF ™ around the world are clear: the effectiveness of the product is total.

  • 100% mortality of the pupae of all species within 3 hours
  • 100% mortality of the L3 and L4 stage larvae within 3 days
  • 94% mortality of the L1 and L2 stage larvae within 10 days
  • 100% suppression of pupation
  • No eggs laid on treated water
  • Many females die while trying to deposit eggs on the film
  • The product is effective for at least 4 weeks
  • It does not create any resistance phenomena

Additional in-depth studies on the effectiveness of AQUATAIN AMFTM have been carried out in Italy:

  • Field tests conducted on Aedes albopictus and Culex pipiens showed a high index of inhibition to emerging from their cocoon and an efficacy of at least 4 weeks, confirming laboratory and semi-field tests.
  • The larvae strongly slow down their development, not reaching the stage of pupa and therefore the adult stage.
  • There is a significant reduction in egg-laying.
  • Additional tests are on-going in order to further prove the efficacy of treatments in the various operating scenarios.

Where should AQUATAIN AMF™ be applied? 

The product should be used wherever mosquitoes can reproduce.

AQUATAIN AMFTM is suitable for professional and domestic use (available in bottles, tanks and dispensers with drop-counter) in standing and stagnant waters: lakes, reservoirs, rice paddies, sewers, water traps, manholes, runoffs, drinking water tanks, flowerpot saucers, buckets, septic tanks, tyres, gutters, etc.

How should AQUATAIN AMF™ be applied?

AQUATAIN AMFTM must be used as such: it is ready to use.

  • Apply 1 ml of product as such per square metre of stagnant water surface.
  • Apply 1-5 ml (2 ml recommended dose) of product as such in manholes, gutters and grids, according to the organic load present. We suggest applying the product by using the “Larvamatic” equipment.

According to the surface area being treated, it is sufficient to pour on the recommended quantity of AQUATAIN AMFTM and in a short time the surface will be uniformly covered.