AQUATAIN DROPS is a product in water-soluble capsules (made of vegetable-based material) that contain AQUATAIN AMFTM which “emulates” the use of common larvicide tablets.
AQUATAIN AMFTM is a silicone-based liquid (polydimethylsiloxane – PDMS), easy to apply on the surface of standing and stagnant water; it forms a very thin film on the water surface and covers its entire extension.

The product may be bought freely – without any registration – in Italy, the European Union and other countries.

AQUATAIN AMFTM, in fact, is not considered a biocide for the purposes of Article 3, paragraph 1, letter a) of Regulation (EU) No 528/2012 (Implementing Commission Decision (EU) 2015/655 dated 23 April 2015), as it implements a physical-mechanical action, long-lasting and effective for at least 4 weeks.
There is no possibility of developing any resistance phenomena.

More info: AQUATAIN AMF™

Where should AQUAITAN DROPS be applied?

The product should be used wherever mosquitoes can reproduce.
AQUATAIN DROPS is suitable for domestic use: small water deposits, such as flowerpot saucers, vases, gutters, and household manholes in courtyard areas.

How should AQUATAIN DROPS be applied?

AQUATAIN DROPS must be used as such: the product is ready to use.

  • Apply 1 capsule in small water deposits (flowerpot saucers, vases, etc.)
  • Apply 1-4 capsules in medium sized water reservoirs (household manholes in courtyards, gutters, etc.), according to the organic load present.

In general, apply 4 capsules per square metre of stagnant water surface.
The completely degradable capsules dissolve in water within 1-4 h, depending on the ambient temperature.